Saturday, March 10, 2007

Utopia High

Well, for this weekend's short blogging (cause I have a comprehensive exam next week and am studying up a storm) I wanted to mention a post by Berube who is now guest blogging at Pandagon. Bam. In this post he talks about prenatal testing etc. One of the things I noticed, however, was how much the commenters were discussing Down's Syndrom. My uncle has Downs, and is awesome, so I took special notice of MsKate's post, where she mentioned that there was a prom queen with down's. One google search later and I found this article which shows the very best of public education in a K-12 setting that seems to be increasingly Lord of the Flies and babysitting all in one. I give you Utopia High.

To summarize: Prom king is gay and Prom Queen has Down's. And they got that way, not in some lame ressentiment ala Carrie, but because their peers thought they were great people! Talking with Miss Kitten earlier about this led us to wonder about something like this being tokenism or contributing to it. Nonetheless, better that there is at least one shining example of our Brave New World than worry about it only being one example. Kudos to Murrieta Valley High School.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to an interesting article. The comments were bizarre, but the paranoia of the "Carrie" interpretation and the homophobia of the others didn't ruin the great story. Good luck with your new blog.