Thursday, March 8, 2007

Is the gay mecca of the North as gay friendly as we think?

There was an article in the cbc that brought to light a report about homophobia still being present in Quebec. It is kind of a no-brainer, because homophobia still exists everywhere. But, it is still telling that in "San-Francisco North" we have a current of homophobia. I know this because a close friend of mine was gay bashed near Berri-Uqam metro last year. Another gay friend is experiencing domestic problems because his roomates got a another roomate, a "muslim" who declared literally won't speak to him or touch him. Cause he's gay. It is sad that the ignorant can hide behind the smokescreen of their religion to justify their bigotry. Since the other roommates feel that my friend should be more understanding about this homophobe's beliefs, my friend is moving out. For the second time this year. What also gets me is that this bigot decided to move into a place with a gay person, in a gay neighborhood, in a gay city--and the heteros stood by him. So lame.

So yeah, homophobia is well and alive even in the most accepting places. Sad isn't it?

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