Sunday, March 11, 2007

The irony of state coersion

Most blogger's know that it was International Women's Day on the 9th. What most blogger's don't know is that the great country of Canada houses the same kind of problems as any other state. In this case police assaulted female demonstrators on this very day. See here. Montreal is very well-known for its police zeal, and Canada has had many problems with police brutality and overzealousness especially with protesters. In this case, the irony, if you haven't caught it by now, is that on International Women's day state representatives commited vioence against women. So, state-sponsored misogyny on a day to celebrate gender equality. Funny world we live in.

Update: I didn't read the article thoroughly last time, and I have a few comments. One thing that non-Montrealers may not know is that Jaggie Singh is a local demonstrator celebrity--kinda the best version of demo-whore you can think of--up on his politics, raising awareness etc. And the Montreal police obviously have it out for him and they are always singling him out. Miss Kitten thought it was funny that Jaggie is the focal point of an article on I Woman's Day and female protestors being assaulted. The ironies continue unabated. Also note, for those who care about relationships, that Dolores Chew, the author who wrote the article I linked to, is a well-known academic and social activist in Montreal.

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